Chosing a Point-of-Sale System for a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops have become incredibly popular today. They’re meeting places for friends and family members. They’re the ideal location for a business lunch. They’re also an interesting mixture in terms of business features – they combine both retail and hospitality sales. When coupled with the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the business, it makes things more than a little complicated. There’s good news here, though. The right point-of-sale system for your coffee shop can provide dramatic benefits, saving you time and money, while boosting sales and fostering better customer retention. What should you look for in a POS, though?

Employee Management

No matter how large or small your coffee shop might be, you’re going to have employees, and that means you need to be able to manage them. From your sandwich counter staff to your baristas, you need to ensure that your scheduling is effective and that it ties in with your sales system. The right POS can provide direct integration of your employee scheduling, and it can be done from a desktop computer, or from a mobile device. You can even give your staff the ability to accept or reject shifts from their smartphones. There are POS solutions that come with all the bells and whistles of staff management right out of the box.

Customer Relationship Management

While you’ll have a lot of one-time customers, you’ll need a base of repeat customers to establish a successful business. You need to get to know those customers, including their preferences, their dislikes and more. The right POS system can actually help you by providing advanced customer relationship management tools. Learn more about what your customers like and don’t like, provide them with the ability to order their “usual” without any hassle and more. This fosters not only a stronger relationship with each customer, but also ensures a better overall experience. There should even be a built-in loyalty program that can be used to reward those customers who do so much to support your coffee shop.

Inventory Management

You have a lot to keep track of in your business. You need to track coffee (a wide range of roasts and blends), as well as cups, lids, stir straws, creamer, toppings and more. And all that is just on the coffee side. If you offer edibles, things become even more complex. You need a way to track your inventory levels to know what’s selling, what’s not, when to order more, and just how much of what you have on hand at all times. That’s actually simple with the right point-of-sale system. It should be capable of tracking all of your inventory, from stir straws to flour, and everything in between. You should be able to set up ordering and reordering from any device, as well, including from your smartphone.

Business Performance Metrics

Having a busy week doesn’t actually mean that your business is making money. You need to be able to drill down into your sales data, your costs and losses, your payroll and other financial information to determine just where your business stands. Based on this information, you can decide what’s needed to move forward and thrive. The right point-of-sale system should give you instant access to this essential information. What’s more, it should do so in a visual way. Rather than inundating you with lists of numbers, your business data is translated into charts and graphs to give you the information you need at a glance.

With the right coffee shop point-of-sale system, you can reward loyal customers, manage your employees, and grow your business in new ways. Make sure your system is tailored to your specific industry and address the complexities that are so unique to coffee shops.