Choosing the Right Point-of- Sale for a Grocery Store

Whether you run a neighbourhood grocery store, a store dedicated to organic foods, or something completely different, you still need the right tools to facilitate sales, ensure a smooth customer experience, and bolster business. The right point-of-sale system can make a huge difference. Conversely, the wrong POS system can lead to breakdowns in your customer experience, increase your costs in time and labor, and create many other problems. What makes the ideal POS for a grocery store?

Scale Connectivity Is Very Important

Your grocery store sells fresh fruits and produce. Chances are that, like most other grocery stores, your prices are based on weight. The problem is that many POS systems don’t seamlessly connect to the scales, leading to duplication of effort. The right system should integrate seamlessly with a scale and also provide the ability to set up multiple tare values easily.

Inventory Control Is Vital

Your business exists to provide consumers with the foods they want. You can’t do that if your inventory isn’t accurately controlled. The key to ensuring accuracy is the right POS system. A good system will ensure that every item sold is removed from your on-hand inventory, but it will also do more. It should provide real-time updates on inventory levels for all of your products, allowing you to make ordering decisions on the fly. It should also help ensure that you’re able to reorder your inventory items from a single interface for ease of use and convenience (as well as to help you save time).

Give Back to Your Customers

Do you know one of the primary reasons that shoppers choose big chain grocery stores over local markets? It’s because of their loyalty programs. With a loyalty card, customers are able to save money on grocery items, on fuel and many other things. The right point-of-sale system will give you the ability to create a loyalty program of your own and give back to your customers. Offer them savings on specific products, or rewards based on their shopping habits and more. You might be surprised at not just how often they come back, but by how many new customers are attracted to your store because of this one change.

In-Depth, Intelligent Reporting Matters

It’s not enough to track your inventory. You need in-depth information about your store’s performance, your payroll costs, items returned, the volume of items being ordered and a great deal more. In the past, getting that information was difficult, if not downright impossible. Today, the right POS system makes it simple. In fact, all the information you want can be transformed into a chart or graph for easy understanding and the ability to take immediate action.

With the right POS, your grocery store can be positioned for real success, competing on even footing with the “big boys”.