Choosing a Point-of-Sale System in a Health Club

Your business is all about helping your members improve their health and remake their bodies. All of your offerings are tailored to those goals, from the fitness equipment in your club to the yoga and Pilates classes you offer. With all that you need to do to help your members reach their goals, it leaves little time to worry about the other elements of running your business. A feature-rich point-of-sale system for a health clubs can help immensely here, but what features should you see in a worthwhile solution?

Recurring Billing

Subscription management and recurring billing management is probably one of the most important features you require for this type of business. This will allow staff to bill individual customers or groups of customers automatically, send automatic email receipts, validate credit cards and more. In the event of a failed payment, the system will automatically notify customers so they can take the appropriate action.

Manage Your Employees

From front desk staff to personal trainers, you need manage your employees on a daily basis. You need to take care of scheduling, vacation tracking, performance review and more. The right POS system can offer the ability to manage all of your employee relations needs from a single location. 

Manage Your Customer Relationships

As a health club, you have a more intimate relationship with your members than many other businesses have with their customers, clients or guests. You know their goals. You know their struggles and their challenges. Chances are good that your instructors know a bit about their personal lives as well. Use that information to help manage your relationship with each customer, tailoring their experience to any degree necessary. You can also use this information to create evocative, effective marketing opportunities, right from your POS system.

Scheduling on the Go

While some of your members might be on a “come as you want” basis, that’s not the case for all of them. By giving your members the means to schedule appointments on the go from their mobile devices, you not only ensure that they are able to reserve their place in the class they want, but you make it more likely that they’ll make an appointment in the first place. The fewer steps required for your members, the more likely they are to follow through.

Manage Inventory Easily

While you don’t have the same needs in terms of inventory management as a restaurant or grocery store, you do have a lot that must be kept up with. You have add-on purchases – t-shirts, branded towels, sportswear and the like. You also have supplies for your showers, cleaning supplies, and equipment that must be tracked. Keeping up with it can be a very real challenge, but with the right point-of-sale system, it’s a simple process that can be managed from just one screen.

Accounting Woes Put to Rest

Finally, make sure that the POS system you’re considering integrates perfectly with your accounting solution. This provides a number of benefits. All of your business financials can be automatically added to the accounting software, which eliminates a lot of time and cost. It also helps to ensure better accuracy in your financial information and reporting.