Choosing a Point-of-Sale System for a Stadium

Stadiums are more than just venues for sporting events and ceremonies. They’re moneymaking ventures that, when properly managed, can be incredibly lucrative. However, you need the right tools to ensure that you’re able to maximise efficiency and profitability. The most important thing to ensure is that you have the right stadium point-of-sale system. If you’re not entirely sure which platform is the right choice, a few important tips can help guide your decision.

Multiple Location Integration

Stadiums have unique requirements when it comes to point-of-sales systems. You have quite a few different locations within the same site that need facilities for serving a large number of customers quickly. Services would typically include ticketing, food and souvenirs. The right POS will offer seamless tight integration from each location into a central system with intelligent reporting to ensure that all data is captured, integrated, and then organised correctly. 

Scoreboard Integration

Your scoreboard is one of the single, largest marketing tools at your disposal. It allows you to get your message out to every single person in the stadium at the same time, using bold colours and bright lights. However, programming your scoreboard can be difficult. The right point-of-sale system can actually make it much simpler – you can actually program what’s displayed on the scoreboard at any time from your POS, using a mobile device, or a PC. Direct scoreboard management from a central interface clearly offers powerful advantages. 

Always On Mode

Wi-Fi and even cell signal can be problematic within stadiums. Not only do you have complications that stem from physical obstructions, like thick concrete and steel construction, but you also have the issue of overloaded systems. The more people in one place attempting to use a network, the slower the network will run. That’s problematic for your business. However, the right POS system can actually offer an “always on” mode that ensures you’re still up and running even if you lose Internet connectivity. 

Order from the Seats

When your customers want to order a meal or a beverage, they have to get out of their seats, walk to the nearest vending location, and then wait to be served. While they’re waiting, they may miss out on the action. You can give them a better experience by offering mobile ordering through an advanced POS system for stadiums and arenas. Your customers can order what they want right from their mobile phone or tablet, without having to stand in line and miss out on what they came to experience. You can imagine just how big a hit that would be, fostering a better guest experience and customer loyalty.

Integration with Your Accounting Software

At the end of the day, you’re left with mountains of information that has to be manually entered into your accounting software. That’s not only tedious, but it’s costly. The right POS system can actually integrate directly with your accounting software to ensure that you don’t have to worry about all that rich data you have acquired.