Choosing a Point-of-Sale System for a Deli

There’s nothing quite like the experience of dining in a neighbourhood deli. From classic hits like the Rueben to one-off and unique in-house creations, deli dining is incredible. Of course, running a deli is no easy task. You’ve got a lot of challenges to overcome on a daily basis. Not only do you need to be able to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, but you need to manage your inventory accurately, control products that are near or past their expiration date, order new products, schedule employees and a great deal more. The right point-of-sale system can help a lot. If you’ve never really considered a modern POS system, here are a few things you need to know when choosing one.

Manage Your Ingredient Inventory

As a deli, you have literally a ton of different ingredients that are used daily. From mustard to olives, pickles, and sardines to roast beef, pulled pork and everything in between, each item has an expiration date. It’s your responsibility to manage that ingredient inventory to provide your customers with the freshest fare and the best taste, and to remove items before they become health hazards. Given the immense number of ingredients in use the average deli, that can be a Herculean task. The right POS system will help. It can allow you to track ingredient use, order more before you run out, and stay alert to expiration dates and other crucial considerations.

Integrating with Your Scales

Delis don’t just serve fresh sandwiches and other dishes. Chances are very good that your customers also come to you for fresh meat to take home for their own needs. All of your meats are sold by weight, which means that you need to use scales. Manually entering weight and price into older systems is a pain, but it also leads to inaccuracy and possibly over or undercharging your customers. The right POS system will integrate with your scales to make the process much simpler and more streamlined.

Placing Orders from Mobile

We’re all attached to our mobile devices these days, and chances are that your customers would love the ability to order from their smartphone or tablet rather than standing in line. This is true of repeat customers who know exactly what they want, but it can also be combined with your website’s online menu – customers can choose what they want, place the order from their phone, and then pick it up when they get to the deli without having to waste time standing in line. Not only does that make their day better, but it frees up your employees to better serve the customers in your deli.

Get Help with Deliveries

While it’s not true for all delis, it is for many. Offering delivery service is a value-add for your customers, but it can also be a headache for you. Managing deliveries, ensuring that each order is out the door as soon as possible, and making sure that no orders are crossed, can all be challenging. The right point-of-sale system can ensure that not only are your orders made on time, but that your deliveries are correct and timely, and your customers more than pleased with their experience.

Get to Know Your Customers

While you probably know most of the regulars that patronise your deli, chances are that some of your staff don’t. New hires take time to learn those faces and orders. You can make it simpler with a customer relationship management system that integrates with your POS. Know what your customers buy regularly, track their preferences and ensure that you’re able to serve them well.

When you invest in a POS system with these features, you ensure that you’re making a smart business decision, but also enabling better customer service.