Choosing a Point-of-Sale System for a Beauty Salon

You excel at bringing out your customers’ beauty and making them feel good about themselves. It’s as much a form of therapy as it is a professional service designed to ensure that your clients always look their best. However, running your salon can be a very real challenge, and there are many hurdles you’ll need to overcome in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With the right point-of-sale system, you can enjoy simplified operations, a better customer experience, and even give your business the chance to grow and thrive. What features are the most important for your salon?

Appointment Booking

If there’s one thing that every salon out there struggles with, it’s booking appointments. Many still use the old paper and pencil method, despite its many downfalls. Others use an outdated computer system that’s awkward and not particularly user friendly. With the right POS system, you can provide your customers with a smoother, simpler process. Of course, that also benefits your stylists and other employees. You can take bookings online, or in your salon itself, and you can do so at any time.

Reward Those Loyal to You

Your repeat customers come back to you time and again because they love what you’re able to do for them. They love the experience and they love your stylists. Why not give them something to reward that loyalty? With the right POS system, you can easily create rewards for your most loyal customers and keep them coming back. You can easily learn more about your customers’ preferences and dislikes, what products they use regularly, and much more with the detailed reporting in the system.

Track Your Stock

As a salon, you have a lot of inventory that needs to be tracked accurately, all the time. You have retail products offered to your customers, from shampoo to styling gel to hair dryers and more. However, you also have a broad range of products that are used to provide services. Running low or running out entirely could be disastrous. With an advanced point-of-sale system, you can easily track your inventory and see at a glance what needs to be reordered, what doesn’t need to be restocked, what sells the fastest, and a great deal more. It makes it much simpler to keep your business up and running, and your customers satisfied.

Time Blocking for Better Employee Management

While it’s important that you give your customers a simpler way to book appointments, you also need to do the same thing for your employees. With advanced time blocking features, you can easily schedule your employees, handle time off for vacations, outline who’s going to break and when, and much more. It should also integrate with your appointment setting feature, so that when a customer specifies a certain stylist, that appointment is automatically added to that stylist’s schedule.

Toggle between Features

Chances are good you have to do a lot of things at once. You might be ringing out a customer, who is paying not only for their service, but also purchasing a haircare product, and scheduling their next appointment at the same time. The right point-of-sale software allows you to easily toggle back and forth between screens with the touch of a button so you can provide your customer with a faster, more seamless experience without any unnecessary hassles on your end.

When everything is said and done, the right point-of-sale software for a salon should make life easier for you, your stylists and your customers. It should enhance the flow of business, and make growth possible.