SalesVu Point-of-Sale

A Modular, Fully Integrated, Feature-rich POS System that Covers Every Aspect of Your Business

Every retail, hospitality or service business needs a POS system that is easy to use and comprehensive, but not complex. It must be capable of accommodating growth and changing requirements over time. Let's assume you run a retail business and would like to add a cafe or restaurant in-store to take advantage of all that footfall. One approach would be to maintain the existing system for the retail side of the business and to deploy a completely new tailor made system for cafes or restaurants. There are two problems with this approach;

  1. Unless you print your own money, this would be a very costly way of solving the problem.
  2. You would be saddled with the inherent limitations of two separate systems that don't talk to each other. This ranges from duplication of effort to reduced collaboration across the business. To overcome this drawback, you may get a custom software program written to sit between the two systems and make them work together. However, this could be time consuming and cost an arm and a leg.

The better approach would be to have a system that's perfect for your retail requirements, that also has compelling hospitality and service capabilities. This would self-evidently reduce cost and dramatically increase efficiency.

The SaleVu Phenomenon

Many POS systems can claim to be feature-rich but SaleVu is one of a handful that is not only bursting at the seams with features, but also modular and fully integrated. Maybe this sounds like Greek - but simply put, all the modules have been designed from the grown up to work closely together as a complete system but can work independently of each other as well. What does this mean for you?

1. You pay for your current requirements and not more.

2. You can scale up or down by adding or removing modules as your business expands or as your requirements evolve.

3. Most business scenarios are covered in one module or a combination of modules so you're less likely to need third party software integration - which takes time, costs money and carries some risks.

Connecting with your customers

The integrated online store, self-service kiosk, online table reservations, service appointments and an endless list of other features, give you an incredible repertoire of nifty tools to help you keep your customers engaged online and in-store. You can reach more customers via the Facebook store module and even send automated marketing campaigns that are triggered by customer purchase patterns.

Managing your Staff

Your employees are your "internal customers" and they help you grow your business by delighting your "external customers". For this reason, getting the right tools to manage, monitor and motivate your staff is paramount to your business success. SalesVu can boast of a collection of deep and detailed human capital management tools that is second to none.

Managing Your Products, Services and Stock

Product management and stock control are the bedrock of most POS systems. In addition to all the standard stock management features you can expect from a world-class system, SalesVu has gone the extra mile to incorporate some really clever features - including the ability to automatically email suppliers when stocks hit a pre-determined threshold.

SalesVu Feature List
Stock control
Delivery management
Product modifiers
Supplier Order Management
Multi location stock transfers
Ingredient/Component Management
Cost of Goods Management
Card and mobile payments
Self-service kiosks
Gift Cards/Vouchers
Email marketing and tracking
Appointment Management
Quotes and Invoices
Track time and expenses
Subscription & Recurring Billing
Own Integrated Webstore
Facebook Store
Social Marketing Automation
Table & Reservation Management
Online staff scheduling
Compensation management
Employee directory
Shift Management
Sales Commission Management
Tip Management
Time Clock & Absence Management
Performance review management
Kitchen printing
Works offline
Cloud back Office
Own Integrated Accounting System
Third Party Accounting Integration